Tax Matters For Your Airbnb Room Rental

Tax Matters For Your Airbnb Room Rental

 Many people are now renting out spare rooms on Airbnb. That can be a great idea! –   it’s a fantastic way to earn some extra cash on the side.

 But, it’s important to realise that there are some tax consequences. It’s nothing too   bad… Just things to be aware of.

 It’s taxable

Firstly, you need to know that the income you’re receiving from that Airbnb is taxable income. It will need to be recorded and put on your tax return at the end of financial year.

Don’t worry, you can claim some of the expenses related to the rented room as tax deductions. This can include most things that directly relate to that room, such as cleaning of the room or any food or gifts you may provide for guests.


Not all expenses are deductible

When it comes to the other expenses for your property, like electricity and water, it gets a bit trickier.

 These utilities need to be apportioned based on how much of the property’s rented   out, how often it is rented out, how much of the property’s shared, and how much of   the property is private. Good record keeping is essential.


Capital gains considerations

When you eventually sell your house, the main thing to note here is that renting out a room DOES impact your capital gains tax exemption from your main residence.

What people aren’t always aware of is that the capital gains tax main residence exemption cannot cover the portion of your house that’s being rented out. When it comes to keeping your records, you need to be very detailed so that it’s easy for your accountant to determine what portion of your capital gain is now going to be taxable to you.

The 50% discount will still apply to the taxable portion, but unfortunately you will have some capital gains tax consequences,

This is very different, of course, to if you rented out your entire property, be it on Airbnb or directly through an agent. In this case, you’re no longer in the property, so you do have the full main residence exemption there; depending upon your circumstances, if you have no  other  main residence; and the six year rule applies.


It can get complicated! To speak to a property tax specialist, contact us on 5970 8100 and we can arrange a no-obligation, free initial consultation.

Dereen Wallace - Partner


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