Worked in the UK?

Worked in the UK?

Everyone who works in Britain makes what are called National Insurance contributions. You need ten years of such contributions (not in a row) to qualify for a pension. For example, say if you worked in the UK for 8 years, you can effectively “buy” extra years, in this case you would need to buy at least two years possibly for only about $280 a year to net you an uplift in your pension of some $440 each and every year.

Note this comparatively cheaper class (2) of National Insurance top-ups is scheduled to end in April 2018, when all additional years will cost five times that, some $1470.

The ultimate pay-off, for 10 years of contributions, is an un-means-tested pension of potentially $5000 a year. And you need to think about whether it's worth maximising this pension by going beyond 10 years, before it becomes more expensive. You won't get it until age 67 (at this stage), which is a consideration.

There is also an opportunity to get a 60 per cent part pension for your spouse too, they don’t have to be British and don’t even have to have lived in Britain.

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